Two Hearted River – John’s Creek Culvert Replacement
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John’s Creek Road crossing in northern Luce County, MI

The Nature Conservancy is replacing a culvert to restore fish passage to John’s Creek in The Nature Conservancy’s Two Hearted River Forest Preserve.  The existing culvert is perched and poorly aligned and is the top priority for replacement as it represents the last aquatic organism passage barrier in the watershed.  It is being replaced with a box culvert with a natural bottom that will restore passage by aquatic organisms.  Some of the fish to benefit from this work could include brook trout, Chinook salmon, Coho salmon, steelhead trout, northern pike, white sucker, and round whitefish.  In addition, by stabilizing banks at this road–stream crossing, this project is reducing sedimentation to the Two Hearted River ecosystem and providing safer access to anglers, timber harvesters, and recreational users of the watershed’s natural resources.

“John’s Creek and CCI road stream crossing was one of the highest ranked crossings for replacement in the Two Hearted Watershed. The perched, undersized, collapsing and poorly aligned culvert was a complete barrier to aquatic organism passage, and a source of sediment to the river. We replaced it with a 9’x5’ concrete box culvert which not only will provide aquatic organism passage and reduce sediment loading to the river by about 7 tons per year, but will also provide improved and safer infrastructure to locals, hunters, anglers, ORVs and snowmobilers!”
-Emily Clegg, Easement Manager

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