Trees for Tribs: Habitat Restoration in the Genesee River Basin
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The main branch Genesee River and headwater tributaries, NY

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is expanding the “Trees for Tribs (Tributaries)” program, a watershed-based riparian buffer planting program, to the Genesee River basin. The project is aiming to restore 30,000 linear feet of native riparian buffer along high-priority stretches of the Genesee River basin to create healthy riparian corridors that  benefit water quality and ecologically sensitive habitats and species. Over 15,000 native trees and shrubs are being planted throughout the basin.  Approximately 20,000 linear feet of riparian buffer is being planted along headwater tributaries, and 10,000 linear feet of buffer is being planted along the main channel of the Genesee River.  The project benefits several species of conservation concern including Lake Sturgeon, Atlantic salmon, and the yellow-breasted chat.

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