Targeting Storm Water Retrofits to Improve Urban Streams in Cuyahoga County
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Cuyahoga County in Northeast Ohio on private and public lands; residential BMPs were deployed in portions of 6 different communities.

The Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) inventoried and prioritized potential sites for storm water retrofit projects in four target subwatersheds tributary to Lake Erie.  The Cuyahoga SWCD hired, trained and managed two interns whose time as dedicated solely to the completion of the inventory.  In addition, the Cuyahoga SWCD developed and implemented a Residential Best Management Practices Incentive Program in a target catchment in the Upper Abram Creek subwatershed.  Under the program, 630 tools for reducing runoff and pollutants were cost-shared with homeowners in this 756 acre, 1200-residence catchment.  Tools included rain barrels (300), rain gardens (30), and soil fertility analyses (300).  To assess the effectiveness of the program, changes in flows were measured by gauge stations located downstream of the catchment.

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