Swan Lake Marsh Restoration
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Swan Lake Club, St. Anne Island at Walpole Island First Nation in Canada

The Walpole Island First Nation initiated The Swan Lake Marsh Restoration Project by documenting what was present at Swan Lake Marsh located on St. Anne Island with a long-term goal to carry out restoration activities on the site to address the beneficial use impairment “loss of fish and wildlife habitat’ for the St. Clair River Area of Concern. Currently the beneficial use impairment for ‘loss of fish and wildlife habitat’ is designated as impaired. Habitat has been lost due to filling, draining, dredging and bulk-heading for industrial, urban, agricultural and navigational uses. Significant losses of wetlands have occurred, particularly in the Walpole Island delta region. Degradation of fish and wildlife habitat including spawning, nursery and rearing sites has been identified as one of the causes resulting in the reduction and loss of fish and wildlife populations. The following is a list of parameters included in the wetland assessment and monitoring program for the initial phases of this project, which led to a management plan for the site: surface water and sediment quality, aquatic vegetation surveys, migratory and breeding bird surveys, and community workshops. This was a multi-year project as additional parameters were examined.

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