Stream Restoration in the Cattaraugus Territory
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The Cattaraugus Territory along the Cattaraugus Creek in Western NY

The Seneca Nation of Indians received a grant to improve the quality and connectivity of 2 miles of stream known as the Native Brook Trout Stream in the Cattaraugus Territory.  Native trees and shrubs are being planted to establish a riparian buffer along the 2-mile reach.  In-stream structures are being installed along the same reach to improve habitat for native fish.  A culvert that is currently a barrier to fish passage is being replaced to allow upstream movement by brook trout and other fish.  This project is contributing to the recovery of the Cattaraugus Territories’ waterways to a healthy thriving ecological system, which can help support the Seneca Nation people, provide for recreational fishing and wildlife opportunities, as well as contribute to the overall positive ecological changes within the Great Lakes Basin.

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