Stewart River Habitat Enhancement and Watershed Improvement

Photos: Minnesota Trout Unlimited

Grant Recipient:

Minnesota Trout Unlimited

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Project Location(s):

The Stewart River, Two Harbors, MN

Minnesota Trout Unlimited is enhancing and restoring in-stream and riparian habitat along the Stewart River, one of Minnesota’s major coldwater tributaries to Lake Superior.  In-stream habitat for wild trout and salmon, including “coaster” brook trout, will be enhanced  by restoring large logs to the channel and installing rock veins.  Riparian tree canopy cover is also being restored on an additional mile or more of currently cleared (open) land by planting long-lived tree species.  In addition to providing benefits to the in-stream fish population, this project is aiming to increase the capacity of local landowners and the conservation community to positively impact watershed health.  Through hands-on experience with habitat and tree planting projects, as well as educational efforts, local landowners are developing a greater sense of ownership in the health of the watershed and near-shore waters of Lake Superior.

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