Southern Lake Erie Wetland Restoration
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Presque Isle State Park, Erie Bluffs State Park, Roderick Wildlife Reserve, and Little Elk Creek Forest in the Lake Erie Watershed of Pennsylvania

Ducks Unlimited and partners received a grant to restore and enhance 392 acres of wetland and upland habitat at four locations within the Lake Erie watershed of Pennsylvania.  Specifically, the project is restoring and enhancing: 1) approximately 201 acres of wetlands, sand barrens and sand plains, and shoreline at Presque Isle State Park; 2) 75 acres of oak savanna and forest at Erie Bluffs State Park; 3) 10 acres of emergent wetlands at the Roderick Wildlife Reserve; and 4) 106 acres of forest at the Little Elk Creek Forest. Partners are using aerial, amphibious and ground-based herbicide application, prescribed burns, and other conservation measures as needed to control invasive species and promote growth of native vegetation.  This project will improve habitat for many state-listed plants, important game fish such as walleye and yellow perch, and many other wildlife species

“Presque Isle State Park has been actively involved with Invasive Species plant control since the mid-1990’s.  However, not until we received SOGL funding was all of our hard work made apparent.  We have been able to hire a full staff of summer interns and purchase supplies and materials; things we would never have been able to afford without these funds.  Our park visitors are making positive comments regarding the removal of the invasive plants and expanding the concept onto their own private lands.  We really appreciate the opportunity this grant has provided to the park and our constituents and look forward to future funding to continue and expand these successes.” – Holly Best (Assistant Park Manager, Presque Isle State Park)

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