Silver Creek Protection in Presque Isle County
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Silver Creek: a tributary of the Ocqueoc River in Presque Isle County, MI

Huron Pines RC&D and partners restored habitats and connectivity in Silver Creek, the highest quality stream feeding the Ocqueoc River in the Lake Huron basin. Ten barriers/road-stream crossings were removed or remediated, buffer strips were installed, and invasive species on 20 acres were controlled.  These actions re-connected 7 miles of coldwater fish habitat while addressing the pollution problems from sediment that lead to warmer water temperatures, widening of the stream channel, and loss of natural habitat. This project also restored 4 miles of riparian habitat. In addition, project partners worked one-on-one with private landowners to implement stewardship practices and provide water resource protection options to local leaders.  Another key outcome of the project was to improve the capacity and sustainability of the local watershed organization, which Huron Pines RC&D helped to form in 2002.  Taken together, this suite of watershed best practices will help to sustain the quality of the watershed and its fishery.

“Our approach at Huron Pines in identifying priority projects for stream restoration, working with many partners to implement the highest priority projects, and achieving measurable on-the-ground results has always been strongly supported by the Sustain Our Great Lakes program. Greater investment into that program in recent years has more than doubled our own level of impact and achieved more good results than we ever could have predicted.”

“Sustain Our Great Lakes is a program that is well-run and results-driven. At Huron Pines, we have noticed a difference these last few years in the number and scale of good projects taking place in northern Michigan, with a lot of that credit due to a close partnership with the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation’s SOGL program.” – Brad Jensen, Executive Director Huron Pines

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