Shoreline Stabilization at the Greenway Gateway
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Milwaukee River Estuary, Milwaukee, WI

River Revitalization Foundation is restoring a 3.3-acre site along the Milwaukee River shoreline in the Milwaukee River Estuary Area of Concern (AOC).  One mile upstream of the downtown area, the project site is adjacent to 800 acres of primary environmental corridor contained within the City of Milwaukee limits.  The site formerly consisted of an abandoned building and parking lot that provided poor terrestrial wildlife habitat and contributed to polluted runoff entering the adjacent river.  The primary project goal is to establish a riparian buffer and  reducing pollutant loading to the Milwaukee River, and subsequently improving the water quality of the Milwaukee River Estuary and Lake Michigan.  Restoration activities include streambank stabilization, removal of shoreline structures, invasive species removal, and restoration of native riparian habitat.  Identified as a priority project within the Milwaukee River Estuary Area of Concern, this project will contribute to the recovery of Beneficial Use Impairment for Degradation of Fish and Wildlife Populations, Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat, and Degradation of Benthos.

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