Restoring Riparian and Aquatic Habitat along the Detroit River in Milliken State Park
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Milliken State Park along the Detroit River downstream from Belle Isle in Wayne County, MI

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is naturalizing shoreline along the Detroit River at Milliken State Park by removing riprap and seawall. In conjunction with this work, they are also constructing an associated breakwater to provide protected shallow-water habitat for larval fish and amphibians. The goal of the project is to provide a refuge for larval and juvenile fish spawning upstream in the Detroit River. Specific project activities include removing vertical riprap along the shore, cutting the shoreline back to create a protected, off-channel shallow water area, naturalizing the new shoreline with native plant species, creating habitat, and constructing a small breakwater to protect the area from wave action. Interpretive signage is also being installed to provide education and outreach to park visitors. This project will  contribute to the recovery of targeted fish, reptile and amphibian species in the project vicinity and increase park visitor awareness. This project may also contribute to the delisting of Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat and Degradation of Fish and Wildlife Populations Beneficial Use Impairments in the Detroit River Area of Concern.

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