Restoring Native Brook Trout in Onondaga Creek (NY) – II
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Onondaga County, New York

Onondaga Environmental Institute will continue their work in the Onondaga Creek Watershed by restoring connectivity and in-stream habitat in West Branch of the Watershed. The project will replace two culverts, reconnecting 6 miles of upstream habitat, improving stream flow, and reducing sedimentation. The project will also remove large woody debris jams and accumulated fine sediments to restore 3.6 miles of in-stream habitat. Additionally, in-stream and riparian monitoring of physical habitat, hydrologic condition, water quality, and biological condition will be performed pre- and post-restoration to establish baseline conditions and evaluate restoration activities. The West Branch is a cold water assemblage and major tributary to Onondaga Creek within the Onondaga Nation Territory. This restoration project will ultimately help contribute to the largest, contiguous section of stream in the upper Onondaga Creek Watershed suitable for wild brook trout survival, growth, and reproduction.

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