Restoring Native Brook Trout in Onondaga Creek
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Onondaga Creek in the Towns of Tully, Lafayette, Onondaga, in Onondaga County, NY

The Onondaga Environmental Institute is installing in-stream structures and stabilizing stream banks at 5 sites along Onondaga Creek within the Onondaga Nation territory of New York. This project is working to improve habitat for brook trout and other fish. Outcomes from the project will include improved stream connectivity, riparian habitat, and canopy cover to levels necessary for successful brook trout survival, growth, and reproduction. A brook trout stocking and tagging program is being implemented to enhance and/or establish brook trout populations. Onondaga Environmental Institute will also develop programs to monitor habitat and biotic condition pre- and post-restoration to evaluate project success. A long-term tribal-based stocking and monitoring program will ensure project maintenance and promote environmental stewardship, and a training program will be conducted to teach Onondaga Nation community members to implement common monitoring techniques.

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