Restoring Hydraulic Connectivity Between Long Point Bay and Big Creek Marsh
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The Causeway lies along the western shore of Long Point's inner bay and adjacent to the Big Creek National Wildlife Area within the Long Point World Biosphere Reserve

The Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Foundation will restore hydraulic connections between the Long Point Bay and the Big Creek Marsh, a significant Great Lakes coastal wetland. This work will restore water circulation and silt dispersion, allow storm surges from the bay into the marsh, improve hundreds of hectares of fish spawning habitat, and provide safe passage for amphibians and reptiles. Project activities include the installation of two large concrete box culverts under the Long Point Causeway that will restore traditional aquatic connections between hydrologically isolated areas of the Big Creek Marsh by restoring water circulation, silt dispersion, and allowing storm surges. The culverts will also provide safe passage for wildlife under the roadway as well as restore a large portion of the marsh as fish spawning habitat. The Long Point World Biosphere Reserve Foundation will collaborate with other agencies to monitor downstream and storm surge flow, fish movement, wildlife road mortality on the Causeway, and wildlife movement through the installed culverts.

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