Restoring Fish Habitat in Green Bay’s Wequiock Creek Estuary
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Wequiock Creek Estuary, Green Bay, and the Point au Sable Nature Preserve, within Lower Green Bay/Fox River Area of Concern, WI

University of Wisconsin – Green Bay is restoring coastal wetlands on Point au Sable, which is the largest coastal wetland complex on the east shore of Green Bay.  Work is occurring at the Pt. au Sable Nature Preserve, a university-owned natural area, as well as on adjacent private parcels.  On-the-ground restoration activities  include control of invasive Phragmites, removal of accumulated sediments from swales adjoining Wequiock Creek, and re-establishment of native beach vegetation along the Green Bay shoreline.  This project is expanding and continuing ongoing conservation work at Point au Sable, and is benefiting from 14 years of baseline ecological information collected by student and faculty researchers.  Identified as a priority in the Remedial Action Plan, this project will contribute to the recovery of Beneficial Use Impairments for Degradation of Fish and Wildlife Populations and Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat within the Lower Green Bay/Fox River Area of Concern.

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