Restoring Duff Lake Fen
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Duff Lake Fen in the Fawn River subwatershed of the St. Joseph River/Lake Michigan Watershed in LaGrange County, IN

The LaGrange County Community Foundation is controlling invasive species, seeding native plants, and restoring stream meander to restore fen habitat in northeastern Indiana. This work is aiming to improve habitat for eastern massasauga rattlesnake, Mitchell’s satyr and other species of concern. Situated within a 3.5-mile fen valley flanked by two historic prairies, the site is a recent acquisition of the LaGrange County Parks and Recreation Department. The site includes a portion of the kettle depression, Duff Lake, 76 acres of degraded fen and wet prairie, and 28 acres of degraded upland. Currently, the lowland portion of the site is partially drained by a network of drainage ditches and is pastured by cattle. The upland portions are either grazed or are in agricultural row-crop production. Project activities will include ditch-infilling, invasive species control, stream sinuosity restoration, fen and prairie seeding, and prescribed burning.  This work is hydrologically and vegetatively restoring the lowland and upland portions of the site to a native grassland continuum indicative of the area prior to European settlement.

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