Restoring Aquatic Organism Passage and Stream Function in Arquilla Creek
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he Coates Highway-Arquilla Creek road stream crossing

The Manistee County Government will remove the final passage barrier in the upper Manistee River drainage basin by replacing a perched culvert with a timber bridge on Arquilla Creek. This work will restore stream function, improve aquatic habitat, and reconnect three stream miles to allow passage by brook trout and other aquatic organisms. Arquilla Creek is a tributary to the Manistee River in the Lake Michigan basin and is a state designated trout stream that supports populations of brook trout, brown trout, and slimy sculpin. Currently, the perched alignment of the road–stream crossing structure functions as a complete barrier for aquatic organism passage to three miles of high quality aquatic habitat. By replacing the perched culvert with a timber bridge, this work will restore stream function to Arquilla Creek allowing for natural stream simulation, re-establishment of aquatic habitat, and complete passage for aquatic organisms.

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