Restoration of Royal Botanical Gardens Wetlands in Ontario – II
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Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Royal Botanical Gardens will restore aquatic connectivity and improve coastal marsh and riparian habitat, contributing to the work required to delist the Hamilton Harbour as an Area of Concern (AOC). The project will manage and treat invasive fish and plant species as well as restore three acres of wetland and riparian habitat. Installing five new carp barriers and continuing to operate existing small carp exclusion structures are key activities required to reduce carp, a primary stressor to much of the wetlands. Additionally, revegetating three acres of wetland habitat, 0.2 miles of riparian habitat, and treating 27 acres of Phragmites australis will reestablish native plant communities, support habitat diversity and structure, and stabilize shorelines. The project will also engage community members through volunteer and educational events and continue long-term, established monitoring. With a third of the Royal Botanical Gardens’ wetland habitat already restored, this project will not only improve critical coastal wetland habitat, but also support the work to ultimately delist Hamilton Harbour as an AOC.

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