Restoration of Hamilton Harbour Coastal Wetland and Watershed in Ontario
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Heinze Land Trust, in Michigan City, LaPorte County, IN

Two Bay Area Restoration Council (BARC) programs, Adopt-a-Creek (AAC) and Marsh Volunteer Planting (MVP) provided hands-on restoration and community education in the Hamilton Harbor watershed, the most polluted site on the Canadian side of the Great Lakes.  AAC events involved community volunteers in in-stream water quality testing and stream clean-up.  MVP events brought volunteers into the wetland to plant native aquatic plants to replace those lost over decades of carp intrusion.  AAC growth is enhanced by a new component, “Friend-raisers”, that increases access to North Shore streams that were previously inaccessible.  Outcomes included the addition of native aquatic plants to a wetland, and the restoration of .45 miles of streams and educating of students plus community members on wetland and watershed importance and protection.

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