Restoration of Aquatic Connectivity and Stream Channel Configuration in Northern Lower Michigan
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Northern Michigan, projects will occur on four different watersheds including; Bear Creek, the Manistee River, the Betsie River, and the Jordan River

Conservation Resource Alliance will remove 23 passage barriers, stabilize 1,000 feet of stream bank, and install woody habitat structures along 2,400 feet of stream in four northern Michigan watersheds. This work will create 1,800 feet of new stream channel, reduce sediment inputs by 180 tons per year, and reconnect 24 stream miles for the passage of brook trout and other aquatic organisms. Conservation Resource Alliance is targeting four sites in the watersheds of the Manistee River, the Betsie River, the Jordan River, and Bear Creek. On a tributary to the Manistee River, a defunct trout farm property will be restored and aquatic connectivity will be reestablished. Stream-banks on the Betsie River will be stabilized in a former water impoundment. On the Jordan River, a severely degraded road–stream crossing will be replaced. Finally, on a tributary to Bear Creek, a small, private dam will be removed to allow for unrestricted aquatic connectivity. Overall, this work will provide hydrological, geomorphological, and ecological benefits through the restoration of aquatic connectivity and the improvement of both riparian and in-stream habitat.

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