Restoration of a Lake Ontario Coastal Wetland through Cattail Control
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The fen is located in Buttonwood Creek, a tributary of Braddock Bay, which is one of the large coastal wetlands in the Rochester Area of Concern on the southern shore of Lake Ontario

The Research Foundation of State University of New York will implement cattail control techniques developed specifically for Lake Ontario coastal wetlands to improve and expand the area of lake-connected fen, a rare community type on Lake Ontario. This work will increase the biodiversity of the area, provide habitat for fen species, and provide potential habitat for introductions of rare species. Fen species density and cover have been greatly reduced due to the invasion of the larger and more dominant cattails. Project activities will include using mechanical and herbicidal techniques that were explicitly developed and tested for cattail control in the unique hydrologic setting of Lake Ontario coastal marshes. Vegetation monitoring prior to, during, and after all restoration activities will be performed to assess the success of restoration activities and changes in the plant community. Cattail removal will ultimately create a fen that is 25 times larger than the current size, leading to a higher-quality fen habitat that will benefit many amphibian, reptile, insect, and bird species.

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