Rapid Response Invasive Plant Team for Upper Peninsula
Grant Recipient:

Grant Awarded:


Lake Basin(s):

Michigan, Huron

Project Location(s):

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

The Upper Peninsula Resource Conservation & Development Council worked with partners to establish a network for the purpose of identifying, monitoring and managing invasive plants throughout the Upper Peninsula.  Volunteers were recruited to be part of the network, which was called, “Rapid Response Invasive Plant Intervention Team of the Upper Peninsula” or RRIP-IT-UP.  Local Rapid Response Teams were established in each Conservation District in the Upper Peninsula.  These teams was alerted through an early detection system, and acted swiftly to prevent the spread of invasive plants as they are spotted.  Project outcomes included improved habitat for native plants and wildlife, including threatened and endangered species on 1,603 acres and a diverse, collaborative partnership comprised of at least 28 organizations, agencies, universities and groups that work together to monitor, prevent and control outbreaks of invasive plants.

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