Protecting and Restoring St. Lawrence River Habitat in Quebec
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Masta Island, St. Lawrence River, Quebec

The Nature-Action Quebec implemented a two part plan.  Part 1 was the shore restoration initiative in two municipal parks, in Varennes and Verchères, both situated on the south shore of the River. The shorelines of both parks were selected for a renaturalization process with indigenous plants that promote avian return and implantation. A total of .45 miles of stream riparian habitat was restored. Part 2 was a fish habitat restoration initiative in a marsh on Masta Island, in the St-Lawrence River, the island faces Varennes. The marsh has been partly enclosed by dredged sand and sedimentation since the inauguration of the St-Laurence Seaway. This enclosure causes thousands of fish to die every year when the water level drops in the middle of summer. This situation was brought to our attention by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife of Québec.

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