Protecting and Restoring Bronte Creek
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Bronte Creek Watershed in the regions of Halton, Hamilton-Wentworth and Wellington, ON

Trout Unlimited Canada restored ecological health within the Bronte Creek watershed. The project included: 1) improved water quality, 2) improved aquatic and riparian habitats, 3) increased conservation capacity, ) increased aquatic biodiversity especially native indicator coldwater species. Techniques included involving a creek rehabilitation project at Lowville Park, stewardship activities throughout the watershed and providing the local community with watershed health related outreach opportunities. On the ground rehabilitation work of Bronte Creek at Lowville Park involved bank stabilization using bioengineering techniques, riparian plantings and placement of instream habitat structures through the creation of riffles and pools. Over 3,500 feet of stream and riparian habitat was restored. Local conservation capacity was increased through educational workshops and events taught by ecologists and watershed restoration professionals. Additionally  staff members provided site assessments of private properties and provide ongoing support, advice and project management for the completion of stewardship activities to benefit the aquatic ecosystem of Bronte Creek. Volunteer workdays and events provided opportunities for local land owners.

In 2009 Trout Unlimited Canada launched the Bronte Creek Renewal Program to improve water quality, water quantity and aquatic habitat in Bronte Creek. With the help of many community partners including the Sustain Our Great Lakes Fund, Trout Unlimited Canada implemented a large-scale restoration project in Lowville Park, Burlington, ON. Less than one year after the completion of the project Brook Trout were seen and caught on two separate occasions, once by Trout Unlimited Canada Biologist, Silvia D’Amelio and local angler Tony Benham. “It was exhilarating to catch three tiny, perfectly healthy, jewels in the creek in Lowville Park!” Tony Benham. “I had hoped this work would result in the return of brook trout and Atlantic salmon to this stretch of river, but never dreamed it could happen so quickly!” Silvia D’Amelio, TUC Biologist. Prior to the implementation of the restoration project, Brook Trout had not been sighted in that section of Bronte Creek in 55 years! Brook Trout require clean-cold water to survive and are an indicator of a healthy creek.

“With the financial assistance of the Sustain Our Great Lakes Fund, Trout Unlimited Canada was able to implement a large-scale restoration project on Bronte Creek in Lowville Park, Burlington, ON. The completion of this project lead to a massive success. For the first time in 55 years, Brook Trout have returned to that section of Bronte Creek! Brook Trout require clean-cold water to survive and are an indicator of a health creek.” Beth Anne Fischer, Trout Unlimited Canada Project Biologist.

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