Prioritized Restoration in the Au Sable River Watershed
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The Au Sable River from the middle of the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan to Lake Huron, MI

Huron Pines is leading a collaborative effort to implement a suite of projects that are addressing multiple threats to the Au Sable River watershed.  The Au Sable River in northeast Michigan is a blue ribbon trout stream that anchors the “Up North” tourism economy; however, poorly performing road–stream crossings and riparian degradation have caused erosion and reduced the ability for aquatic organisms to freely travel through the watershed.  This projects goals are to:  1) rehabilitating nine erosion sites through bank stabilization; 2) removing 11 barriers to aquatic organism passage; 3) controlling invasive species through mechanical and chemical methods on 150 acres; and 4) installing 75 in-stream habitat structures comprised of large woody material.  This work will contribute to reducing sediment loading inputs to the river system, reconnecting  35 upstream miles within the watershed, restoring 150 acres of native plant communities that includes 5,000 linear feet within the riparian area, and restoring habitat diversity through 1.25 miles of river.

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