Poplar River Channel and Riparian Restoration (MN)
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Lower Poplar River Watershed near Lutsen, MN

In 2004, the Poplar River was designated as a 303(d) impaired water due to turbidity impairments to aquatic life. While significant improvement have been made, advances are still required before this impaired water can be delisted. The Cook County Soil and Water Conservation District contribute to delisting efforts by restoring 0.13 miles of high quality cold water trout habitat in the Lower Poplar River watershed to reduce sediment and phosphorus. Project activities, incorporating natural channel design to reconnect floodplains and reduce streambank erosion, will improve riparian habitat and eliminate sediment and phosphorus from the largest remaining source area in the Poplar River Watershed. Due to the large amount of work completed date, high level of landowner cooperation, and the relatively small scale of the watershed, this project will achieve significant advances towards the delisting the Poplar River.

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