Pike River Fish Passage and Restoration
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Pike River in Petrifying Springs State Park, Town of Somers, Kenosha County, WI

The Kenosha County Division of Parks restored fish passage to 22 stream miles and to restore 22 acres of historic wetlands by removing an earthen dam topped by a roadway.  In its place, a vehicular bridge was constructed to allow fish passage through a continuous naturalized stream channel.  This project  facilitated stream restoration and fish passage on the last obstruction on the Pike River from Lake Michigan to its headwaters.  Streambanks upstream and downtream of the dam were stabilized and restored to native vegetation.  Invasive reed canary grass upstream of the dam were removed and replaced with native vegetation.  Steep slopes leading to the floodplain upstream of the dam were  restored for erosion control.  This project aimed to benefit migratory fish species, including chinook salmon, coho salmon, steelhead and white sucker, as well as species of conservation concern including Blandings turtle, skipjack herring and least darter.

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