Paint Creek Restoration of Coldwater Trout Stream
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Paint Creek in Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve and Municipal Park, City of Rochester, MI

The City of Rochester restored portions of Paint Creek in Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve and Municipal Park. Paint Creek is a designated trout stream and is part of the Clinton River Coldwater Conservation Project – a regional effort to restore a trout fishery in the urbanized Clinton River Area of Concern.  The project is a critical component of the City’s effort to restore over a mile of Paint Creek, improve water quality, and establish an urban green corridor.  A natural channel design approach was used to restore riffles, runs, pools and glides that emulate upstream reference conditions.  Where possible, floodplain connectivity was restored and gabions were partially removed or vegetated.  Mini-rock and log vanes, boulder clusters with micro-pools, streambank shrub plantings, and a deeper thalweg channel are being designed to improve temperature, cover, sediment transport and habitat. Over 16 mile of fish passage has been restored  This work will benefit the in-stream fish population and improve water quality and recreational opportunities for local residents.

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