Oak Openings Interagency Restoration Team for Lakeplain Oak Openings
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Lakeplain Oak Openings Region of the Western Lake Erie basin in northwestern Ohio and southeastern Michigan

The Nature Conservancy and partners received a grant to restore 400 acres of wetlands and 100 acres of associated uplands on public and private lands within the Lakeplain Oak Openings of the western Lake Erie basin.  Restoration techniques include: 1) selective cutting of invasive tree and shrub species followed by cut stump herbicide treatment; 2) multiple targeted foliar herbicide applications on herbaceous invasive species; and 3) application of prescribed fire to control invasive species and promote growth and seed production of the native vegetation.  Through this work, the project is improving habitat within the Detroit River, River Raisin and Maumee River Areas of Concern and benefiting many species of concern, including the federally endangered Karner blue butterfly, federally threatened eastern prairie fringed orchid, and state-listed species such as Blanding’s turtle and blue-spotted salamander

“Nearly all the land in the Western Lake Erie watershed is privately owned, without a combination of land protection and the participation of private landowners we may lose something that exists nowhere else on earth.  Our Interagency Restoration Team grants from NFWF have restored nearly half of the Oak Openings habitat remaining in both Ohio and Michigan” – Steven Woods, Oak Openings Project Manager, The Nature Conservancy in Ohio

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