Nottawasaga River Watersheds: Restoration from Brook to Bay
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Nottawasaga Valley Watersheds in Barrie, Collingwood, Shelburne, Alliston & Wasaga Beach, ON

These project is improved water quality and restored habitats located within the Nottawasaga Valley Watersheds. They are addressing issues facing streams, riparian habitats and wetlands. The NVCA watersheds cover 820,000 acres (3,300 km2) and their rivers flow into Georgian Bay, Lake Huron within Ontario. Project included: 1) Restoring 107 acres of riparian forest and wetland buffers, by planting over 44,000 native trees and shrubs, 2) improving 6.0 miles of rivers and protect wetlands, 3) protecting 1.9 miles of river and wetland from adverse impacts due to livestock access to reduce bacteria & nutrient load (i.e. TP reduction of 122lbs/year + buffer effect + reduce bank-erosion from trampling), 4) reconnecting 4 miles of cold-water headwater streams for fish migration, 5) providing habitat benefits to many of the 25 species at risk in the Nottawasaga Valley Watershed, and 6) controlling Common Reed (Phragmites australis) before it invades the 15,000ac internationally significant, RAMSAR designated Minesing Wetland.

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