Northern Pike and Waterfowl Habitat Enhancement in Sensiba Marsh
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Brown County, Wisconsin, in the village of Suamico

Ducks Unlimited will repair a failing dike to enhance the hydrology and habitat structure of the Suamico River Area Coastal Wetland. This work will enhance 225 acres of wetland and allow sustainable and efficient water-level management, enriching the wetland’s ecological value by decreasing monotypic invasive species, allowing northern pike and other fish access to spawning areas, providing habitat for breeding birds, and providing storm water storage and nutrient and sediment capture. A long history of disturbance, including numerous impacts to wetland hydrology and more recent colonization of invasive Phragmites australis, has reduced the functions and values of this wetland. A reconstructed, functional coastal dike will make it possible to maintain proper water levels, increasing the ability to control invasive species and restore habitat for native fish and bird species. In addition, the repaired dike will ensure the wetland remains protected and continues to provide a variety of ecological services.

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