Mole Creek Stream and Riparian Enhancement
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Mole Creek in Saukville, Wisconsin

Suitable water depth, lack of pool and other forms of physical cover, limited shading, and elevated summer water temperatures affect the ability of Mole Creek, a tributary to the mainstem of the Milwaukee River, to support cold water species. To address these issues, Ozaukee County will enhance the Creek’s in-stream and riparian habitat through several restoration actions. First, the project will replace 2,700 linear feet of existing channel with approximately 4,200 feet of meandering stream channel. Second, the project will reconnect the stream with existing floodplain habitat and increase in-stream habitat by adding woody debris. Third, the project will enhance riparian habitat through the installation of nesting boxes, planting native trees and shrubs, and treating invasive species. Finally, the project will assess restoration activities through water quality, fish, avian, and wildlife monitoring.

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