Milwaukee River Riparian Restoration
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The River Revitalization Foundation collaborated with partners to develop a restoration methodology, and worked with volunteers and students to implement extensive restoration efforts along a 2.5-mile loop of river corridor: 100 large native trees were planted along an upland river bank; 2000 1 to 3-ft tall trees were planted along the river bank and in upland forested areas; 5000 plant plugs of native forbs and grasses were planted in a reed canary grass-dominated floodplain; Invasive plants were removed along a 300-ft riparian buffer; 1000 volunteers were enlisted to spend 3 hours removing non-native plants and/or planting native ones; 5 high schools were enlisted to help, to educate students to the importance of healthy ecosystems and help them connect this importance to the Milwaukee River; 2 full-time interns were trained.

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