Menomonee River Fish Barrier Removal
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Lower Menomonee River, Milwaukee County, WI

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District received a grant to remove five man made barriers to fish passage in the Menomonee River in the City of Wauwatosa, within the Milwaukee Estuary Area of Concern.  Following barrier removal, the five project locations are being modified through bioengineering to restore natural hydraulic function and to improve habitat by mimicking the pool and riffle sequences of the natural river system.  This work is improving fish passage and habitat along the upper reaches of the Menomonee River watershed.  Restoration is benefiting more than 39 fish species, including northern pike, walleye, lake sturgeon, smallmouth bass, migratory salmonids, and several state-threatened species.  This project will contribute to the recovery of Beneficial Use Impairments for Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat and Degradation of Fish and Wildlife Populations within the Milwaukee Estuary Area of Concern.

“I had the day off today and went for a walk with my wife near our home along the Menomonee River.  We saw 4 massive (36 – 48-inch) Chinook salmon north of Burleigh along the walk.  This was the first time seeing fish this far up river.  Thanks to you and your staff for the great work on the Menomonee removing barriers and allowing this to occur.” – Dave Misky

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