Mending Meadows: Restoring Wet Prairies in the Oak Openings
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The Nature Conservancy’s 770-acre Kitty Todd Preserve in Harding, OH

The Nature Conservancy restored approximately 35 acres of wetland habitat and associated upland buffer on land recently added to the Kitty Todd Preserve in the Oak Openings Region.  The Nature Conservancy used a variety of techniques such as mowing and herbicide treatment of invasive species, prescribed burns, seeding with native plants, and tile breaking to restore natural conditions.  The goals of this project were to reduce the woody canopy to 50-75% cover, reduce invasive species to less than 10% cover, and increase native species diversity to at least 50 species and 90% of the total vegetation.  This management will help restore the hydrology and plant communities to their natural condition.

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