Meadowbrook Forest Watershed Restoration
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Meadowbrook Forest Nature Preserve in the Salt Creek watershed in Porter County, IN and in the Lake Michigan Watershed

Shirley Heinze Land Trust, Inc. is restoring 60 acres of recently acquired land on the Valparaiso Moraine within the Lake Michigan watershed in Indiana.  Populations of several invasive plant species have become established and are preventing the recovery and re-establishment of the native herbaceous plant community and the regeneration of native trees.  In addition, the non-native emerald ash borer is well established on the site, and ash trees – a significant component of the current tree canopy – are dying.  Restoration activities include restoring canopy cover of small tributaries of Salt Creek, re-foresting or stabilizing tree species composition on 22 acres of surrounding uplands, and controlling invasive species on 60 acres of forested uplands and wetlands.  This work will contribute to the reduction of erosion in stream riparian zones, increase connectivity of intact forest, and benefit several species of concern including blue-spotted salamander, eastern box turtle, spring peeper, chorus frog, Indiana bat and other forest-dwelling bats, and several species of migratory songbirds.

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