Managing and Restoring Habitat for Species of Concern in Northeast Indiana
Grant Recipient:

Grant Awarded:


Lake Basin(s):

Erie, Michigan

Project Location(s):

Swamp Angel in Noble County, Fawn River Fen in LaGrange County, and Douglas Woods in Steuben County, IN

The Nature Conservancy – Indiana is working to control invasive plants and improve hydrology at three sites in northeastern Indiana. This project is improving wetland habitat for Mitchell’s satyr, copperbelly water snake, white cat’s paw pearly mussel, and other listed species. At Swamp Angel nature preserve, 5 acres of wetland and 5 acres of wetland–upland interface are being cleared of invasive shrubs and burning is creating habitat for the federally endangered Mitchell’s satyr butterfly.  Following habitat restoration, a population of Mitchell’s satyr will be introduced to the site. At Fawn River nature preserve, TNC is controlling cool season grass and woody encroachment to enhance habitat for the state-endangered kitten tails and eastern massasauga rattlesnake, a federal candidate species. At Douglas Woods nature preserve, TNC is restoring hydrology on a 28-acre tract along Fish Creek and reforest 18 acres to protect the last known population of the white cat’s paw and provide potential habitat for the federally threatened copperbelly water snake.

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