Little Manitowoc River Coastal Wetland Restoration
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Lower reaches of the Little Manitowoc River in the City of Manitowoc, Manitowoc County, WI

The Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership, Inc. is working to reconnect channel meander along the Little Manitowoc River and to restore the hydrologic connection between the river and 38 acres of coastal wetlands. This work is improving habitat for migratory shorebirds, northern pike and other fish and wildlife species. Project activities include sediment excavation, installation of in-stream structures, invasive species control, and planting and seeding of native species. This project is part of a larger initiative to connect three parks covering over 230 acres and improve 2.5 miles of stream. Expected outcomes include providing critical habitat such as spawning grounds for fish, stopover habitat for migratory birds, and staging and breeding grounds for shoreline birds, waterfowl and invertebrates. The project will also contribute to the recovery of natural floodplain wetland conditions and help reduce phosphorus loads.

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