Lake Michigan Watershed Early Detection Invasives Strike Team
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Lake Michigan shoreline in Kenosha County, WI and Lake County, IL

The Lake County Forest Preserve District is working to controlĀ 400 populations of 18 invasive plant species across 5,400 acres along the Lake Michigan shoreline in Kenosha County, Wisconsin and Lake County, Illinois. This work is preventing habitat degradation associated with invasive infestations at high-priority habitats occupied by many rare and imperiled species. With leadership from the Lake County Forest Preserve District, the Lake Michigan Early Detection Invasive Plant Strike Team is providing watershed landowners a means to effectively and efficiently control invasive plants across a broad area of high-quality coastal habitat. This project complements ongoing habitat restoration work and expands the reach of a regional Early Detection and Rapid Response invasive plant control strategy. The overall goal of the project is the protection and enhancement of existing high-quality resources, including maintenance of native plant community composition and habitat structure in coastal wetlands, associated uplands and beaches to provide suitable habitat for rare plant and wildlife species.

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