Lake George Wetlands Restoration & Invasive Species Control

Photos: Indiana Department of Natural Resources, USFWS

Grant Recipient:

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Grant Awarded:


Lake Basin(s):


Project Location(s):

Lake Wolf/Lake George area of Lake County, IN

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is restoring wetland habitat in northern Lake County, Indiana in the northeast portion of the Grand Calumet River Area of Concern. Specifically, these wetlands are adjacent to the Lake George Branch of the Indiana Harbor Canal, Lake Mary, Wolf Lake and Lake George in Hammond, IN. These wetland acres were nearly a monoculture of invasive phragmites (common reed) and other non-native invasive species.  By controlling these invasive species and restoring the wetlands, this project is increasing the amount and quality of nesting and foraging habitat available to resident and migratory bird populations in the Grand Calumet River Area of Concern.  Indiana DNR is hiring contractors to spray the phragmites for two seasons then conduct follow-up mowing after each season during the winter months when the ground is frozen.  In the spring following the second herbicide treatment and second mowing, contractors will re-seed and plug native plants to re-establish native vegetation.

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