Invasive Phragmites Control in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
Grant Recipient:

Grant Awarded:


Lake Basin(s):

Huron, Michigan

Project Location(s):

Coastal and interior wetlands in all 15 counties of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, with special emphasis on the five counties with Lake Huron and Lake Michigan shoreline

The Upper Peninsula Resource Conservation and Development Council and partners are controlling invasive phragmites to restore or enhance coastal shoreline and wetlands in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  This work aims to minimize a serious threat to native coastal wetlands and to improve habitat for vulnerable species.  The project is establishing sustainable, long-term control by reducing known phragmites populations and coordinating efforts across jurisdictions and land ownerships to maximize benefits and efficiency.  An early detection/rapid response (EDRR) network is being used to discover, verify and treat newly-reported invasive phragmites found in interior wetlands, private lands adjacent to Michigan Department of Transportation right-of-way infestations, and any potential sites identified on the Lake Superior shoreline.  Partners and contractors in this EDRR network are being trained to identify 20 additional high-threat invasive species that have the potential to occur in the Upper Peninsula coastal zone, and they will map any of these species discovered on the 400 acres to be restored.  Training partners to detect, monitor and treat invasive phragmites will increase local capacity to assume responsibility for control efforts after this project is completed.

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