Improving Cold Water Habitat for Brook Trout
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Tyler Creek and other tributaries in the Rogue River Watershed in Kent County, MI

Schrems West Michigan Trout Unlimited is installing wood structures and removing dam remnants along 5 coldwater streams in Kent County, Michigan. This work  reduces sediment inputs and improves habitat for brook trout and other fish. Project activities include: installing large woody debris in streams, naturalizing stream channels, planting trees in riparian corridors, restoring headwater wetlands, removing concrete rubble from an urban trout stream, and preparing to remove another two dams by conducting a feasibility study. The project is also collecting valuable pre- and post-project data, which will help evaluate the effectiveness of conservation efforts while adding to the collective knowledge base for similar conservation projects. The restoration sites included in this project were selected as high-priority near-term implementation projects from the Kent County Inventory and Strategic Plan, which recommends improvements and ranks projects for Kent County Streams.

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