Improving Aquatic Habitat in the Two Hearted River
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The Two Hearted watershed is in the northeastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan in Luce County. The Two Hearted River is a tributary to used by migrating fishes.

The Nature Conservancy removed the highest priority barrier to fish migration within the Two Hearted River watershed.  On the South Branch, a tributary to the mainstem, there was an unpaved road that crossed this stream with an undersized and poorly designed set of culverts. This crossing impaired fish passage access to the 24 miles of upstream habitat.  The crossing was also unstable and was the source of excessive sedimentation to the stream.  Improvement of this crossing improved fish access to 24 miles of habitat, improved vehicle access and safety, and improved water quality in the stream.  The project included a detailed site survey, completion engineering designs, and construction of a new crossing.

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