Improving Aquatic Connectivity along Minnehaha Creek
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Minnehaha Creek Watershed in Emmet County, Michigan

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council will address two road-stream crossings on the Minnehaha Creek, a coldwater stream in Northeast Michigan. The project includes replacing the road/stream crossings with channel-spanning structures, resulting in nearly 8 miles of stream habitat opened. Water quality will be also be improved by reducing sediment input by up to 4,640 pounds per year. Finally, the project will conduct biological and water quality monitoring, habitat assessment, fish surveys, and stream geomorphology pre-and-post-construction to establish baseline conditions and subsequent restoration outcomes. Road-stream crossings block the passage of fish and other aquatic organisms, preventing many fish and other aquatic species to move throughout stream and river systems. By remediating the two road-stream crossings, the project will increase habitat and stream access to brook trout and other aquatic organisms as well as improve the water quality within the stream system and connecting tributaries.

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