Hobart Marsh Restoration
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Cressmoor Prairie and Gordon and Faith Greiner preserves in Lake County, Indiana

Shirley Heinze Land Trust will continue an ongoing project within Hobart Marsh to enhance wetland habitat on Cressmoor Prairie and Gordon and Faith Greiner nature preserves. The Hobart Marsh project area contains unique natural areas of high conservation value that provides critical habitat for rare and threatened flora, herptile, insect, and bird species. However, encroachment from invasive plant species threatens the habitat structure and diversity of the native plant communities. Specifically, the project will monitor and control invasive species on 85 acres of wetlands that were previously treated and treat invasives on an additional 120 acres of wetland and surrounding upland habitat. In total, the project will restore 205 acres of high-quality wetland habitat that will continue to support Hobart Marsh’s rare species.

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