Habitat Restoration Along Brock Creek in Ontario
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Municipality of West Elgin, County of Elgin, ON

The Elgin Stewardship Council restored and conserved natural habitat on property along Brock Creek, a cold water tributary to Lake Erie. This includes native trees and wildlife shrubs, tall grass prairie and wetlands. Innovative restoration techniques such as direct seeding and involving the community in growing native trees from seed were used to facilitate project implementation. Social and educational spin-off benefits of this project included developing local community capacity and leadership in habitat restoration. This approach not only ensures sustainability and cost-effectiveness over conventional restoration techniques, the model is transferable to other communities throughout the Lake Erie basin. This project restored over 84 acres of wetland habitat. The principle partners include Tony Bento, Elgin Stewardship Council, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Ontario Stewardship, EcoAction, Trees Ontario Foundation, local schools and Community Living Elgin.

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