Greenprint for Milwaukee Shoreline (WI)
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Located at the War Memorial Center, Milwaukee

The western shoreline of Lake Michigan is an important flyway for migratory birds, yet shoreline development, aging grey infrastructure, untreated stormwater runoff and other factors are degrading this habitat and impairing water quality. Milwaukee County War Memorial, Inc. in cooperation with Milwaukee County, the Milwaukee Art Museum, and the Rotary Club of Milwaukee will operationalize phase one of a comprehensive plan to renovate nearly 2.8 miles of Milwaukee’s shoreline using sustainable design elements to add stormwater storage capacity, establish habitat for native and migratory species, and provide public access to the lakeshore. Project activities include replacing deteriorating parking lots with porous pavements, adding bioretention, installing pedestrian friendly porous pathways, and strategically planting native species to provide food and habit for tens of thousands of migratory birds and other shoreline wildlife. The project will store, manage, and treat a net annual average of 1.4 million gallons of stormwater runoff prior to its discharge to Lake Michigan.

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