Green Bay Coastal Wetland Restoration
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Green Bay coastal wetlands in Wisconsin

Ducks Unlimited will restore and enhance over 100 acres of coastal wetlands within Green Bay to provide long-term beneficial impacts to the fish and wildlife utilizing the Bay. Lower Green Bay supports one of the largest and most diverse wetland complexes in the Great Lakes, yet an estimated 70% of historic wetlands along the west shore area of Green Bay have been lost or degraded. This project consists of three primary activities, the first project will be seeding 50 acres of wild rice, wild celery, and hard stem bullrush plots to test establishment and revegetate current restoration sites. Secondly, the project will restore 2,400 feet of dike and install a water control structure to enhance 17 acres of waterfowl habitat and create 5 acres of pike spawning marsh. Finally, up to 100 acres of Phragmites australis will be treated. Through these restoration activities, the project will enhance coastal wetland habitat for wetland spawning fish, waterfowl, and marsh birds.

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