Geneva Swamp Forest Restoration
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Geneva Swamp in Geneva Township north of the City of Geneva in Ashtabula County, OH

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History and partners received a grant to impove lake plain swamp forest within the Museum’s 329 acre Geneva Swamp Preserve.  They surveyed and mapped invasive species across the entire preserve and controlled invasive plants in high-priority areas.  Control techniques included herbicide application, mechanical removal, and prescribed burning.  Native vegetation was planted to replace the invasive vegetation.  In addition, the project included the restoration and enhancement of four small vernal pools.  A total of 76 acres of wetland was restored. Through this work, the project contributed to the improvement of the largest remaining swamp forest on the eastern Lake Erie Lake Plain and enhanced habitat for breeding amphibians, spotted turtles, and several other rare plant and animal species.

“As a Museum partner who has helped secure funding for separate wet meadow restoration work at Geneva Swamp, (which was purposely restored near some forested semi-permanent and ephemeral wetland pools that the Museum had restored with Sustain Our Great Lakes funding) I was so impressed by the restoration work the Museum had done to mimic natural pools that I used photos I took of the pools to highlight the quality of the work the Museum is doing as part of a presentation on restoration highlights to participants at the Ohio Wildlife Diversity Partners meeting. Participants were really impressed with how natural the pools looked. The Museum has done an outstanding job compared to anyone else doing vernal pool restoration in northeast Ohio.” – Jeff Herrick, Habitat Management Biologist USFWS, Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program
Contractor, Wildlife Management Institute

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