Garlic Mustard Challenge in the Great Lakes Basin

Photos: Stewardship Network

Grant Recipient:

Stewardship Network

Grant Awarded:


Lake Basin(s):

Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie

Project Location(s):

All of Michigan, northern Ohio, northern Indiana, northeastern Illinois, eastern Wisconsin, and southeastern Ontario

The Stewardship Network coordinated the Garlic Mustard Challenge.  This event engaged volunteers in the removal of an anticipated 150,000 pounds of garlic mustard across the Great Lakes basin. Garlic mustard was removed from infested areas  on over 166,000 acres to improved habitat quality and also reduced the spread into other areas, effectively protecting an estimated 500,000 acres from infestation.  In addition, the Challenge promoted awareness of other invasive species in the basin and it increased stewardship capacity by supplying certain tools, such as bags and gloves, and educational materials, like literature and webcasts, for garlic mustard removal efforts across the region.

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