Flower Bay Wetland Restoration (MI)
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Lake Basin(s):


Project Location(s):

Mackinac County, in coastal wetland sites 636

Natural water flow and exchange between the Flower Creek and Loon coastal wetlands and Flower Bay have been restricted for decades due to an aged, manmade causeway structure, resulting in premature aging and degradation of the Flower Bay Wetland. Through this project, Clark Township will augment the existing causeway by inserting four culverts which will improve fish passage, generate an approximate five-fold increase in water flow over current conditions, and restore hydrology to 70 acres of Flower Bay and 16 acres west of the causeway adjacent to Loon Point. This project will create 86 acres of viable, resilient and connected wetland habitat benefiting spawning fish such as yellow perch and northern pike, migrating shorebirds, amphibians, and invertebrates.

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